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When you need to dress to impress, there is no better feeling than knowing your evening dress or suit is perfectly fitted to you. We are experienced in working with all kinds of fabrics so you can rest assured that we will properly handle your formal wear while we perform our alterations service. Trust Jabbok Alterations to help you look your best whether it is for a black tie formal or Prom.

We Specialize In:
• Evening Wear Dresses
• Prom Dresses
• Formal Gowns
• Suits
Most bridal gowns will need some altering so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get a proper fitting so your gown fits flawlessly. Wedding gown components are quite different from standard dresses making the alteration more complex. Be sure to trust your wedding gown with professionals who specialize in eveningwear dresses. Jabbok Alterations has the experience to alter your wedding gown so it fits perfectly on you.

We Specialize In:
• Bridal Gowns
• Bridesmaid Dresses
• Flowergirl Dresses
• Tuxedo Suits
Whether you need to hem a pair of trousers or take-in your blouse, we can help you look your best by being properly fitting in your clothes. Do you have a favorite pair of jeans with a hole you want mended? No problem! Bring it in and we'll have it patched up for you. Whatever your project may be, just ask. We have performed all kinds of alterations on clothes from changing hem break styles to changing the length of skirts. We invested in over 20 sewing machines to ensure we can handle nearly any request you may have.

We Alter Your Favorite Clothes:

• Blouses
• Shirts
• Sweaters
• Skirts
• Pants
• Blazers
• Children's Apparel
We also specialize in altering heavy outdoor coats including leather jackets. We have special sewing machines that are designed specifically for altering coats and jacket for providing the best stitching, including coats made from leather.

We Are Experienced In Altering:

• Leather Jackets
• Trench Coats
• Rain Coats
• Winter Coats
Do you have a household project you need help with? We have helped your neighbors with fixing draperies, making tablecloths, and even creating pillow cases. If you have an idea, let us help you make it into reality.

We Can Fix:

• Drapery
• Tablecloths
• Blankets
• Pillow Cases